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For their upcoming campaign, Oikos wanted to raise awareness about tax justice. This subject has been receiving a great deal of attention in the Netherlands due to the country’s own image of being a tax haven. Even so, it remains a delicate one…

“It was a challenge to create a concept with an edge; without being demeaning or disrespectful towards the subjects and target audiences. This is why we decided to use humour – with a touch of down-to-earth observation – to make this subject more tangible for a broad audience.” – Mark van Luyk, creative director/ photographer.

“While tax justice is much spoken about, it is difficult to grasp for many people. At the same time, it’s everyone’s duty to pay taxes. The idea that there are multinationals who need to consider this from the angle of ‘okay, let’s start paying taxes’ is beyond words... This was the starting point for the concept.” – Judith Madigan, founder and director.

Together with Oikos, we decided to work with experienced partners to ensure professionalism within the imagery and to get across realistic emotions. Using a mix of a stunning imagery and crisp copy allowed us to create that powerful desired result.

At last, we would like to thank Peter Sterk and Fedor van Rossum - - for their incredible input and Mark Stroop on behalf of Silverline Verhuur BV - - for allowing us to work with one of their stretched limousines. Thanks guys!

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